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Our partners at Clearco believe your business should be yours. In service of this goal, Clearco offers ecommerce businesses the investment capital needed to fund an exceptional media advertising strategy. Through our partnership with Clearco, ecommerce brands that use BriefBid will have easy access to Clearco funding for their digital advertising budget, and scale their ecommerce business without giving up any equity.

It is almost an automatic assumption that we will do most of our holiday shopping online this year. That’s because it’s never been easier to buy anything and everything online. Ecommerce stores, ranging from giants like Amazon and Walmart to humble mom and pop shops, make it simple and convenient to find and purchase all sorts of goods and services from home.

In the gaming ecosystem, endemic brands offer things like computer components, gaming peripherals, and games other than the one being viewed. And while there might be a big audience for products like these, it would be a mistake to think that only endemic brands can succeed when advertising in the online gaming and esports ecosystem.

This article is part two of a two-part series on lead generation and customer acquisition. In the previous article, we discussed how lead generation builds a foundation for your marketing strategy. In this second part, we’ll uncover the best customer acquisition channels for startups and give you a better understanding of where and how to start reaching your target audience.

Startup companies face a cyclical financial directive - find customers to find investors to find customers, and so on. While investors nurture a startup’s experiments, customers prove the team’s hypothesis: the startup is offering something that people are willing to pay for.

If you're 60-plus and thinking of starting a business, you aren't alone. More older Canadians are entering entrepreneurship later in life. However, many senior-led small businesses aren't seeing the success they hope for. You can help avoid this outcome by putting time and effort into a comprehensive marketing plan. Marketing techniques and technology have evolved significantly and familiarizing yourself with the latest tools is a helpful first step.

Programmatic technology has inadvertently shifted the media buying landscape toward a standard of quantity over quality. But the convenience of programmatic packaging can lead advertisers to overlook the true sources behind their traffic. Most marketers don’t consider that more than 40% of traffic on the internet is estimated to be bot traffic.

Advertisers typically prioritize online advertising to reach target audiences on their own devices. Consumers spend so much time browsing the web where there are ample touchpoints between brands and consumers, paving the way for digital ad formats like display advertising to proliferate. However, another format continues to stand the test of time: out of home (OOH) advertising.

The legacy of the triple bid is well established, not only in the world of advertising, but in any industry where making the sale might depend on bidding with the leading price. It’s completely sensible for buyers in any case to seek the best bang for their buck, and media buyers who want to minimize waste on their ad spend will, of course, follow suit.

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