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Media Buying RFPs and RFIs: Why use them, and what to include

Why is it so important to have an efficient RFP/RFI process when buying media? What does the RFP/RFI need to accomplish, and what should you include? We go over all of this below. It’s worth pointing out that RFPs don’t always get a lot of love from buyers or sellers — some agencies go as far as ditching the “much-hated” RFP. If you’re in this category, read on — you might just change your mind about the ROI of well-crafted RFPs and RFIs.

Likealocal Agency Initiative

Pandemic or not, agencies are not about to stop flexing their creative muscles, many have put their talents to use for campaigns in direct response to Covid. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, want to know how the White House is reaching Americans, or just looking for cool things to do with your Zoom background, here are 8 of the latest and greatest initiatives we’ve seen from ad agencies.

Data Says You Shouldn’t Stop Advertising In A Downturn

Don’t stop advertising in a downturn: the prescription is borne out by data from previous recessions. And some data shows that actually increasing advertising during a recession (assuming you have the resources) leads to significant business results long-term. Let’s take a closer look at the data below, as well as your best alternatives to “going dark.”

10 Marketing Leaders, 10 Ways to Lead Through Crisis

As a marketer, how do you lead through a crisis? What do the best and leading marketers have to say about the current crisis, and what are they focusing on to get their teams through the current climate in the months ahead? We scoured the internet to find what the top marketing leaders are saying, and compiled some of the best advice below. Here’s a breakdown of 10 pieces of advice from 10 different marketing leaders.

How COVID-19 has impacted media plans

If you’ve kept tabs on advertising statistics over the last month, you already know that media buyers have decreased ad spend across the board. What you might not know is how many are responding strategically rather than stopping campaigns, and how media buyers are aligning to client goals. We ran a survey of media buyers that use BriefBid’s platform.

Media Buying In 2020 Discounted CPMs and New Opportunities

The global lockdown has caused media prices to drop, but that hasn’t resulted in new campaigns for advertisers. Two culprits prevent investment in the heavily discounted CPMs experienced across the industry. Depending on the situation, marketers may be able to counteract at least one of them.

Our “Post-Trade-Show” World- Reinventing how media buyers build relationships

Until recently, media vendors and buyers had an unbeatable relationship-building tool: the trade show. Now it’s hard to tell how long we’ll wait before we get to participate in mass gatherings again. So how are businesses connecting in a post-trade-show world to fill the vacuum created by event cancellations throughout the globe?

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How do you plan for the future when each new day feels a little different than the last? As we collectively move forward through these unprecedented times, individuals and businesses alike have felt the effects of the ever-shifting social, economic and global landscapes in response to COVID-19.

3 Key factors in improving AdTech transparency

The question on every adtech player’s mind lately has been, “what will it take to create a truly fair, open marketplace?” The emergence of GDPR and CCPA have, in a way, awoken the industry to just how bad trust within the ecosystem has become. So what do the experts currently have to say about this issue?

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