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The job of a media planner demands a diverse skill set, including strict organizational capabilities, an intuitive, logical vision, and a creative eye. But media planners can’t manually keep track of everything on their own.

Welcome to the updated list of the upcoming digital marketing conferences in 2021 for media and marketing professionals. These marketing events, summits, seminars and workshops are happening virtually and in person around the world.

Selecting a media partner to fulfill your specific marketing needs requires a hefty vetting process. Media partners are all offering unique and robust solutions to the challenges you want to overcome - how do you evaluate the field and make a considerate, timely decision?

An advertising campaign calendar, also called a marketing calendar or a media campaign calendar, is a tool used to plan your marketing efforts. Visualizing the pieces of your campaigns in a calendar view allows you to understand when your media is in market, what deadlines you’re working against, and what kinds of content you have in the mix moving forward.

A strong nonprofit brand is a powerful asset that turns ordinary people into donors for your mission. There are numerous ways to create a strong brand online.

“Supply and demand.” We all know the phrase that perfectly summarizes the economic tug-of-war on which every company either thrives or falters. Media buying is a space where these words are on full display (no cheesy marketing pun intended). Let’s take a shallow dive into the world of ad tech to better understand media buying platforms.

Multicultural marketing requires a deep understanding of cultural insights. Learn the top strategies from an award-winning Canadian marketing agency.

Retargeting is no longer an outdated, cookie-based marketing tactic used to follow audiences around the web — at least it doesn’t have to be. There are now tools available to help marketers understand where customers are along their individual journeys and develop flexible strategies that convert those who are ready to buy, and nurture the rest in the right direction.

Advertising spend in North America is on the rise. By the year 2022 the total ad spend is predicted to reach $250 billion dollars. With this much money in the balance it’s imperative that marketers have a plan in place to make sure their ad spend dollars are allocated effectively.

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