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BriefBid’s Brief Guide to Media Buying Platforms

“Supply and demand.” We all know the phrase that perfectly summarizes the economic tug-of-war on which every company either thrives or falters. Media buying is a space where these words are on full display (no cheesy marketing pun intended). Let’s take a shallow dive into the world of ad tech to better understand media buying platforms.

Top 5 Multicultural Marketing Strategies for 2021 from AVC

Multicultural marketing requires a deep understanding of cultural insights. Learn the top strategies from an award-winning Canadian marketing agency.

5 ways marketers waste retargeting dollars

Retargeting is no longer an outdated, cookie-based marketing tactic used to follow audiences around the web — at least it doesn’t have to be. There are now tools available to help marketers understand where customers are along their individual journeys and develop flexible strategies that convert those who are ready to buy, and nurture the rest in the right direction.

What is media planning

Advertising spend in North America is on the rise. By the year 2022 the total ad spend is predicted to reach $250 billion dollars. With this much money in the balance it’s imperative that marketers have a plan in place to make sure their ad spend dollars are allocated effectively.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising trends are constantly changing and being improved upon. And these days, marketers have access to a plethora of first party data which allows them to make more informed decisions when it comes to media buying.

Digital Marketing Maturity

The world has changed. The impact that technology has on our lives is immeasurable, and it only continues to grow. Organizations that increase their digital marketing maturity by putting the proper technology and strategies in place can more effectively access and understand proprietary data to gain a complete picture of their customer journey and thus make better decisions.

Consumer Behaviour Shift And How It Impacts Digital Media Budgets

Consumer behaviour has seen a huge shift since COVID 19 hit in early 2020—everyday routines broken and replaced with a new and uncertain reality. With people spending more time indoors and in the comfort of their homes, online shopping and ad consumption has also seen a big change. This means that where and how you reach your ideal buyers is likely going to look a lot different (and will continue to shift as time goes on). Important emphasis on the how, as media buyers need to think of the emotional state of their customers during this time.

Publisher Direct Campaign - How To Choose The Right Media Partner

Things have changed exponentially within the last decade. What didn’t change, however, was the need to deliver the best campaigns possible for clients. To advertise with publishers directly or not? That has been a key dilemma for some of the best buying teams I had the pleasure of working with. In the piece below we will explore the best reasons to do so as well as the best ways of selecting the right publisher for your campaign.

Multicultural Marketing

So what is multiculturalism? It refers to the coexistence of diverse populations which differ according to race, nationality or ethnic origin, colour and religion. And Canada is the perfect melting pot where all these various factors come together to bring out a unique perspective.

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