A collaborative platform for marketers, agencies and vendors to connect, plan media and grow brands faster together.

Why we started BriefBid

We live in the most exciting era of all time, with thousands of advertising solutions available for marketers to grow brands faster than ever before. But it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the ever-evolving media landscape and understand the differences between each advertising opportunity.

Working in the industry, we observed how fragmented the landscape became, dealt with a convoluted supply chain, and faced an antiquated sales cycle. That didn’t seem right.

So, we stared to clear the path for agencies, media vendors and in-house marketers to come together and make the media industry thrive like never before.

This is our mission. We pledge to:

Make the industry more connected by bringing media buyers and sellers together in the largest collaborative marketplace ever created.

Level the playing field for media sellers by aggregating niche media solutions and delivering their offerings to buyers in their key planning stages.

Grow brands faster with a suite of tools that help marketers navigate the media landscape, make informed decisions and get the most out of their ad spend.

Our Timeline

Our team has already made huge strides towards accomplishing that mission.

Media Discovery

In 2018, we launched our media discovery tool.
Everything begins with a brief, so that’s where we decided to start. We built an algorithm that takes data from media briefs and matches it with the media vendors whose offerings best fit the marketer’s needs.

Collaborative Marketplace

Between 2019 and 2020, we developed a wide-reaching, collaborative marketplace. We continued to grow our inventory of media solutions across all advertising channels, giving marketers a comprehensive view of their options to meet the multi channel demand of their media plans.

The New Home For Media Teams

Now, in 2021, BriefBid is becoming the new home for media teams everywhere. With our smart, omnichannel media planning tools now integrated with a growing marketplace of media partners, marketers can plan, discover and manage all of their media investments in one place.

Meet The Team


Lidia Vijga


Lucia Siyang Liu


Spencer Cowley


Annie Caplan


Marsha Williams


Sascha Hoffmann


Kevin MacPhee


Ravil Muldagaliyev

Our 10% Give Back Initiative

We believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise in an effort to accelerate the innovations
and improvement goals of others.

This philosophy has materialized into one of our core initiatives; a 10% Give-Back Policy. Since we had support from other startups in our early days, we’re huge proponents of supporting startups now, and giving back to the startup community. The policy is simple: our team members are encouraged to use upwards of 10% of their time to help other startups by providing insights on UX feedback, ease of use, product & QA testing, or using BriefBid’s resources to help them achieve a business goal.