7 Creative Agency Initiatives Responding To COVID

Pandemic or not, agencies are not about to stop flexing their creative muscles, many have put their talents to use for campaigns in direct response to Covid. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, want to know how the White House is reaching Americans, or just looking for cool things to do with your Zoom background, here are 7 of the latest and greatest agency initiatives we’ve seen from the ad world:

1. #LikeALocal Initiative (The Media Kitchen, Forsman & Bodenfors)

Likealocal Agency Initiative
Some brands will be coming out of the crisis worse off than others. The small, local businesses will be hit the most, so The Media Kitchen and Forsman & Bodenfors are rallying the big brands to share the spotlight with their smaller peers. Small local businesses can use the hashtag #LikeALocal in their posts to be included, and big brands that want to help out can search the hashtag, choose someone that could use a boost, and re-share their local content.
Agency Initiative Tin Can

Covid-19 means dine-in is out, and delivery is in. But delivery app fees can really add up, with some totalling from 15% to 30%. Major Tom is hoping to change that by offering restaurants a free service: helping them set up their own online ordering system through Flipdish, a less-expensive, whitelabeling-enabled alternative. Major Tom is advertising the service with a 100% discount on Tin Can, an eCommerce-like platform that lets you order digital agency services.

3. Free Help for SMEs (Not Fur’Long)

Agency Initiative Free help
As the name suggests, this group of furloughed staff from creative agencies were not planning to stay without work for long. And since many places have hiring freezes, these creatives started their own agency. Taking advantage of UK government’s initiatives, the creatives were able to offer “pre-paid” agency services to charities and small businesses. By the looks of it the response has been huge and they’re at capacity — for now, Not Fur’Long Creative isn’t taking on any new projects.

4. Merch Aid (R/GA)

Agency Initiative Merch Aid

Some businesses weren’t just hit by Covid — they were either forced to close or completely transform their business model. Creatives at R/GA took it upon themselves to help these businesses generate more revenue by tapping into the business’ local brand and some of the top artists and designers in the world. By signing up to the project, businesses can get paired up with a designer to create merch unique to the business. Ture to the initiative’s aim to support the business, 100% of the profits from the merch go back to the business.

5. The Community Bars (The Community)

The Community Bars Agency initiative
Virtual happy hours quickly became a lockdown staple, but none can match “The Community Bar’s” initiative. Intended to scratch the itch for after-hours drinks with colleagues The Community agency’s initiative also gives back to the restaurant staff who used to make happy hour what it was pre-covid. The initiative has it all: set times (show up on time or drink alone!), bar and cocktail lounge Zoom backdrops, and most important of all: a way to tip an actual bartender when you pour yourself a drink.

6. ZOOMadoptions (RPA)

Zoom Adoption Agency initiative
Zoom backdrops are a great way to lighten up a meeting, but what if you could use them for a cause? That’s what RPA decided to do in honour of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. The Zoom backdrops show you a picture of the animal up for adoption in the LA area, and also list all of the essential information. When you can’t go to the shelter yourself physically, it looks like plan B can be to bring the shelter to everyone virtually.

7. Private Marketplace for Covid PSAs (Cadreon, The Ad Council, others)

Marketplace for PSAs Agency Initiative
With help from Cadreon (IPG) and others, The Ad Council has launched a private marketplace for coronavirus PSAs. Messages from the White House and health agencies are reaching Americans through some of the same tools used by advertisers. PSAs and slogans such as “alone together” have reached over 1 million people — all thanks to the donated ad space created through the initiative.

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