How To Accelerate Digital Marketing Maturity In 3 Steps

Digital Marketing Maturity

The world has changed. The impact that technology has on our lives is immeasurable, and it only continues to grow. Organizations that increase their digital marketing maturity by putting the proper technology and strategies in place can more effectively access and understand proprietary data to gain a complete picture of their customer journey and thus make better decisions.

A 2018 study conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) found that companies that had achieved full digital maturity were able to deliver relevant content to consumers at multiple moments across the customer journey. These same companies saw cost savings of up to 30% and revenue increases of as much as 20%. In this article, we will cover a few crucial points that can help ensure that your digital transformation is a success.

Put Your Data to Good Use

Before digital transformation in marketing occurred, there was a lack of high-quality, actionable data available for marketers to use. They simply were not able to attribute value to touch points along the customer journey, and could not accurately measure the success of each marketing initiative.

But this is no longer the case.

Digital transformation allows marketers to take advantage of this shift to online by giving them access to precise consumer data. Instead of analyzing data collected in various places to make decisions, digitally mature companies often gather data from multiple sources and organize it together to build a complete picture of their customers’ journey.

On the other hand, organizations that are less digitally mature have a more challenging time accessing this proprietary data, leaving them at a significant disadvantage. For the most part, these companies must rely on third-party data, which lessens their ability to understand their customers due to their inability to connect online and offline touchpoints.

Become Vendor Agnostic

Planning and executing a strategy across various channels is a great start for marketers to embrace the journey towards digital transformation. However, for marketers to execute a strategy across the full marketing landscape, the right media partners must be selected for each media plan. To fully utilizes every media channel, marketers have to partner up with channel-specific media vendors. Making the most out of each media channel will require talent, insights and in-depth knowledge on how to use data. Most of the media vendors offer their expertise along with the managed services and can suggest tactics based on the historical data from similar campaigns.

It can be challenging to vet and manage multiple vendors, and that’s why briefbid helps marketers become vendor-agnostic by making the vendor vetting easy, quick, and more data-driven.

Invest in Technology and Training

Investing in technology is certainly an essential step for organizations undergoing a digital transformation, but if they’re not prepared, this valuable investment can be ineffective and underused.

To achieve digital maturity, marketers must ensure that they’re prepared to use technology by investing in training. It’s essential to have the required skills to effectively use the technology and integrate it into the business processes. Today marketers can access various webinars where media partners that specialize in DOOH, Digital Audio, Gaming and other media share their insights and expertise.

Marketers can also take online courses for Digital Media Buying and Planning to learn how to develop effective media plans and execute digital campaigns.

Looking Ahead

Making it through this digital transformation is key to the success of many businesses. It’s been proven that digitally mature companies are 23% more profitable than their less mature peers.

Digital marketing maturity may seem like a lot of work, but trust us—it’ll be worth it. Briefbid helps marketers plan multi-channel campaigns and discover channel-specific media vendors to execute digital campaigns across the entire marketing landscape more efficiently.

Our platform automates marketing team workflows from media planning to vendor vetting and campaign management, eliminating any inefficiencies and keeping things neatly in one central place. Start your free trial and see for yourself!

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