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BriefBid Media Navigator elevates your media planning and campaign execution with tailored access to the most effective use of media vendors.

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Give your media plans a new home!

Give your media plans a new home!

Quickly plan omnichannel advertising campaigns, RFI / RFP vendors and sign I/Os in one click.


Digital Media
Easily plan cross-channel media campaigns within a central hub. Work with your existing media vendors or discover new media solutions. Sign I/O’s with one click.


Vendors & Strategies
Discover new vendors and effective tactics through a streamlined RFI / RFP process. Analyze structured proposals, performance metrics and campaign forecasts.


Keep vendors up-to-date automatically on any campaign changes. Centralize paper work and communications with vendors and collaborate remotely with your team.

Eliminate silos and stay on the same page with your team

BriefBid keeps all your media plans, insertion orders, creatives, reporting and communication organized while ensuring your vendors and colleagues stay up-to-date on any campaign changes.



Client pitch

Insertion order

Campaign management

Stay ahead of the curve with tailor-matched solutions

Be the first to leverage the latest media capabilities and competitive offers from programmatic AdTech vendors and Publishers. Discover tailor-matched media solutions for any criteria:




Ad Format


Make Smart Media Moves

Get the most out of digital media with BriefBid Media Navigator.

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What media buyers say about BriefBid.

Publicis Groupe logo
“It’s so tough to cut through the noise when looking for media vendors that can properly execute a campaign for us. BriefBid has brought our team an objective way to evaluate the media marketplace, relative to our client needs."

- Manzeb, Media Buyer at Publicis Media
The Media Kitchen - logo
"BriefBid has saved our team time by streamlining research for DOOH, OOH and Mobile vendors in countries and areas that we don't normally work in. This allows us to elevate our campaign strategies and offer better plans to our clients. In an industry where time is of the essence, BriefBid allows our team to consistently pump out great plans."

-Alex, Media Buyer at The Media Kitchen
Direct agents - logo
"BriefBid does the heavy lifting by consolidating media proposals and centralizing vendor communication. It's also been a great tool for discovering new vendors outside of the dozen or so that we work with."

- Emily, Media Buyer at Direct Agents
Espace M - logo
"BriefBid is coming at a time when the programmatic supply chain is incredibly large. The platform makes it easy for us to get in touch with the right suppliers for the right needs. A time saver for efficient results."

- Marc-André, Media Buyer at Espace M

Make smarter media buying decisions

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