BriefBid and Clearco have Partnered Up to Grow Ecommerce Brands Faster

BriefBid and Clearco Marketing Funding

Ecommerce companies thrive with a wide and loyal customer base, but acquiring new customers can be a massive challenge. For startups and younger businesses, it is especially difficult to devote the right amount of funds toward their digital marketing efforts. 

Even having the means to establish an effective marketing budget can be a balancing act for a small business looking for long term return on investment — that’s why BriefBid has partnered with Clearco to help ecommerce companies find and spend advertising funds the right way.

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Honest Funding for Ecommerce Ads

Our partners at Clearco believe your business should be yours. In service of this goal, Clearco offers ecommerce businesses the investment capital needed to fund an exceptional media advertising strategy.

Through our partnership with Clearco, ecommerce brands that use BriefBid will have easy access to Clearco funding for their digital advertising budget, and scale their ecommerce business without giving up any equity.

Plan a Better Ecommerce Media Spend

By leverage BriefBid’s media planning software, ecommerce brands can easily plan their ad spend, RFP existing media partners and discover offerings from new advertising solutions.

The BriefBid platform directly connects ecommerce brands with media sellers who deliver effective ad placements on various digital channels, including display, Connected TV, Digital Out Of Home, Mobile, digital audio and others. Brands simply submit their briefs specifying their campaign goals, target audience, and other details, and then receive proposals back directly from the media sales teams.

Start Building Your Ecommerce Advertising Budget with BriefBid & Clearco

Scale up your ecommerce business with the help of Clearco’s easy funding and greater control over your marketing spend with BriefBid’s powerful suite of media planning tools.
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