An Introductory Marketing Guide for Entrepreneurs Over 60

A guest post by Sharon Wagner, founder at Senior Friendly
Marketing Guide for Seniorpreneurs

If you’re 60-plus and thinking of starting a business, you aren’t alone. More older Canadians are entering entrepreneurship later in life. However, many senior-led small businesses aren’t seeing the success they hope for. You can help avoid this outcome by putting time and effort into a comprehensive marketing plan. Marketing techniques and technology have evolved significantly and familiarizing yourself with the latest tools is a helpful first step. Read on for a quick guide to marketing geared specifically towards seniorpreneurs like yourself.

Create a customer-friendly website

Your website is your modern-day business card, offering potential consumers a quick introduction to your company and the goods or services it offers. A great website can also make it easier for people to find you online. To ensure success, make sure your online platform is user-friendly. WishDesk offers tips for a user-friendly platform, like structuring it logically, including an easy-to-navigate menu, and providing clear call-to-action buttons.

Establish a social media presence

Your website is the cornerstone of your online presence. With this in place, you can expand your internet presence by engaging in social media. Choose a few platforms to focus on, considering which ones are most used by your target audience. Next, consider your social media goals. For example, do you want to use social channels to raise awareness, for customer service, or to generate leads? You can then formulate a social media plan.

Leverage low-cost, high-ROI marketing techniques

Websites and social media are just two of the many modern marketing options you can choose from these days. Look into other low-cost approaches that require minimal financial investment, such as content marketing and email marketing. K6 explains that email marketing has a high return on investment. For every $1 a company spends on this marketing channel, they can expect a return of approximately $40. Make sure to track performance of your marketing collateral.

Invest in tech to streamline your marketing initiatives

Managing your many types of marketing can be tedious as a business owner. Luckily, there is tech available to make it easier. BriefBid is one great example. This media planning tool helps marketers, vendors, and agencies collaborate and grow brands. You can access an open marketplace of media partners and get personalized proposals explaining how they can help boost your brand.

Look into grants to support your business

You can get the funds you need for your marketing and other business needs through grants. Applying for grants is complicated, so do your research beforehand. You will likely need to submit documents about your company, like a business plan, in order to succeed. Canada offers grants for varied purposes, like the Accessible Technology Program for R&D, Canadian Small Business Financing Program, and Strategic Innovation Fund.

Grow your customer base with unique promotions

While marketing has evolved, there are still some tried-and-true tricks that work today. Case in point: freebies! People love to get free goods, and providing giveaways can be a great way to lure customers in at the start. Other ways to attract customers include offering special deals and providing bonuses for customer referrals. These small steps show your clients that they are valued and will earn their loyalty.

Continue to expand your network

Networking is another “old-fashioned” trick that remains relevant today. By expanding your network, you can meet potential customers, business partners, employees, and collaborators. You will also raise your company’s public profile when you put yourself out there. Tide offers tips for successful networking, like researching relevant events and looking up noteworthy attendees before you go.

Becoming a seniorpreneur is a great way to stay active in retirement and make some extra money. With the right marketing plan, you can boost your business’ success.
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