Media Definitions

Request for proposal (RFP)

What is a Request For Proposal?

Many businesses frequently search for potential vendors who can fulfill the need for various products or services. Any company or organization searching for a vendor partner will want to find the best option for their business and budgetary goals.

what is media planning

What is Media Planning?

Media planning is the strategic selection of paid media placements across various media channels to effectively advertise a product or service. Media planning in advertising also involves creating a media plan that aims to accomplish any marketing objectives that the company has determined to help measure the success of the specific campaign and the brand overall.

Native Advertising

Native Advertising Definition

Among the many ad formats, native advertising is the friendliest format for user experience. This makes native ads a strong candidate for any media plan that seeks to reach target audiences in real time, alongside regular content. Unlike traditional ad formats, native advertising integrates itself with the content that a user is engaging with, giving it a true feeling of being relevant content itself.

Media flowchart

Media Flowchart Definition

A media flowchart is an integral part of any media plan. This document should show the media execution plan at a glance, including the various media (AKA where your ads will be placed) along with the timing and durations of the ads