Stay connected: How BriefBid empowers media agency x vendor collaboration within remote environments

How do you plan for the future when each new day feels a little different than the last? As we collectively move forward through these unprecedented times, individuals and businesses alike have felt the effects of the ever-shifting social, economic and global landscapes in response to COVID-19. On a personal level, we’re all aware of the changes that we have to make to our daily routines: wash our hands frequently, maintain a safe distance from others, stay inside unless absolutely necessary. But, there’s no clear-cut set of instructions for the many businesses who have had to transition their entire workforces and operations to become entirely remote.

When the success of your business relies on crucial person-to-person interactions—think sales meetings, lunch & learns, conferences or exhibitions, pop up shops, and so on—what happens when this model is disrupted and no longer an option?

Our “new normal” feels so hard to define because the long term effects are still so unknown. However, we are not unprepared. Many doctors and specialists already offer flexible telehealth or video appointments; many people already order groceries and goods online; and many, many people already know the value of a quick video chat with a loved one. We are very familiar with (and comfortable using) the technologies and services that socially connect us. The greatest opportunity during this time, then, is to apply the same thinking to our professional connections as many more of us move OOO.

The learning curve may feel steep, but it’s adaptive. While the whole world is rapidly evolving, new spaces are emerging in which to innovate, automate, and regulate. Digital media consumption has, of course, grown exponentially over the past few weeks, and we have seen an immediate response to this from many brands: you can now watch Netflix with your socially-distanced friends in real-time, or head to a virtual nightclub hosted on Zoom. As our “homebound economy” continues to grow, nobody feels out of reach; our daily experiences are quickly moving from “then” to “now”.

How can we translate these same learnings to ensure greater customer retention, successful ongoing collaboration, and new opportunities for business growth?

Simply put: we have to. Within our present realm of media and ad buying, we no longer have the chance to chat through RFPs in person or meet for a sales meeting over lunch or dinner. What we do have is a brand new framework in which to make an impact—one that we at BriefBid have been operating within since 2018. Physical presence no longer required, your media sales team suddenly has a global reach. Your ideal client may be located around the block or across the ocean. You can chat through proposal and media plan changes in real-time from anywhere.

While our personal capabilities have not changed, our toolkits have evolved radically—and creatively—during these widespread difficult times. Instead of perceiving this shift as “temporary” or “detrimental”, it’s helpful instead to view it as an adjustment—one that you have the choice to respond to, or not. The best thing you can do for yourself and your business is to adapt, move forward, and seek out new sales methodologies and solutions as a meaningful response to the world around you.

If you’re not sure where to get started, let’s chat.

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