Digital Audio and the Valuable Advertising Opportunities it Offers

Programmatic digital audio offers some incredibly valuable opportunities that could increase the effectiveness of certain ad campaigns. We’ve collected a few of those values here to help you decide if this type of advertising is a good fit for your campaign strategies.

Audio-Streaming Adoption

According to eMarketer, a whopping 62% of digital media being consumed in the US today is audio. And with the mass adoption of smart speakers and car streaming, even more opportunities are being created. In fact, another survey found that 12% of British and 36% of Canadians over 18 are weekly podcast listeners. 

Most streaming platforms offer subscriptions that allow the listener to have an ad-free experience, but many still opt for the free, ad-inclusive versions. Spotify alone reaches 17 million users worldwide that choose free accounts. 

A recent report by Statista shows that digital audio listeners have been increasing over the past few years.

Source: Statista

Distraction-Free Medium

One undeniable benefit of audio is that advertisers don’t have to compete for the listener’s attention since only one ad can run at a time. That translates to guaranteed exposure and a higher potential for engagement.

Ad-Block Immunity

Another advantage is the resistance to ad-block extensions, as well as offering a high degree of transparency. The user is not able to skip through audio ads, and there is a considerably lower risk of ad fraud.

Cross-Platform Granular Targeting

Currently, 75% of audio consumption in the US is on mobile devices, which allows advertisers to reach their audience seamlessly across devices.

Marketers use audio as a part of multi-faceted campaigns that blend with different mediums. This includes ads such as those displayed within the audio player while the corresponding audio ad is playing.

When it comes to targeting, streaming services collect data from the user based on their listening habits, including factors such as time of day, type of playlist, and genre.

As a result, advertisers gain a better understanding of the listener’s interests and background, which allows them to deliver targeted ads.

The Brand-Listener Bond

Once the consumer data is collected, it creates the opportunity to get a little more personal. Brands that have a recognizable personality are unsurprisingly more successful than those who don’t. Users feel they can engage and bond with them more effectively as a result.

Since people consume upwards of 70% of audio through headphones, there is an opportunity for advertisers to personalize their message to the listener, which can create a unique bond. Speaking directly to the target makes it easier to express personality, and therefore makes a more memorable impression.

Listeners exposed to personalized ads are 2.4x more likely to convert than those who hear a generic one.

A study by A Million Ads even found that audio ads boosted ad recall by more than 150%, which is a significant advantage.

Our culture has evolved so that consumers still feel the desire to be connected to their devices, even when they’re on the go. Programmatic audio can easily tag along on mobile devices and reach consumers where other ad formats can’t.

Feel free to reach out if you are planning to incorporate programmatic audio ads in your marketing campaign strategy, and we’ll take care of the rest.
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