Ep.6 – Alex Harris (Adadot) – How did you get here?

Ep6 - Alex Harris (Adadot) - How did you get here - Podcast by BriefBid

About our guest

Alex Harris is the founder of Adadot.com.

Adadot is an analytics tool that helps teams increase performance and wellbeing by analysing productivity and collaboration data.

After she graduated from Oxford University she worked in the largest advertising firm in the world where she managed projects involving 200 people in 35 countries.

Traditional productivity tools often present the impact of the people on work but nothing could tell her the impact of work on people.
According to Microsoft data Over 67% of employees are struggling at work (source: Microsoft, 2021). She created Adadot to help move them from struggling to thriving and make success in the workplace sustainable for everyone.

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